Dropbox is good for online storage suggested by @reliberary

2GB for free and good for sharing with a group of people using alot of graphic files!


iRex is a good eBook reader/note digitizer/PDF reader for those on the go!


John B's recommendation for this week is the iRex tablet. Found here: http://www.irextechnologies.com/

British Airways | Business Opportunity Grants

British Airways is committed to keeping companies moving during these challenging times and are proud to be able to award 30 companies with a Business Opportunity Grant.

Each grant consists of 10 return Business Class flights anywhere on the British Airways network (valid for a year and excluding taxes, fees and charges). Every winning company will also receive valuable business services and support from our partners.

The grants were inspired by our collaborative research with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, which revealed that when it comes to building and maintaining business relationships, nothing really compares to meeting with clients in person.

For your chance to win, simply tell us about your company, answer a few short questions about your objectives for 2010 and explain how a grant would help grow your business.

Good luck and make sure you apply by Friday 15th January 2010.