Startup Launchpad Spring Event Focuses on Blockchain for Supply Chain and Startup Founder Education


Startup Launchpad is back and this time we sat down with Minesh Pore the Head of Startup Launchpad to give us the tour of this April’s event at Asia World Expo.

Mishesh, tell us about yourself?
Thanks StartupsHK! I’m a highly regarded global trade expert with over 18 years’ experience leading multinational organizations in corporate transformation, Intra-prenuership, Innovation, International business development, and strategic planning. I would say I am a well-connected and respected globally for my experience, network and knowledge of the Greater Bay area startup ecosystem, mentoring startup founders, helping startups scale up and expand international.

What is Startup Launchpad?
Startup Launchpad is hosted in HK every April and October, the show focusses on helping Hardware and Retail Solutions startups scale up by meeting buyers / retailers / wholesalers from over 140 counties. We will also be hosting a 1 day conference, the focus is on Blockchain as a Transparency took for Supply Chain. We will have 2 day workshops, focus of which is to educate startup founders on every step from Initiating a business plan to working with distributors globally. We will also have pitches from the top 10 Startups that will be pitching for over 500,000 HKD in prizes.


Why should startups attend?
Startups who want to sell their products and solutions should attend the Tradeshows. Startup ecosystem players who want to connect with others in blockchain for supply chain sector and learn what is the latest trends in this arena should attend the conference. All who have considered starting a startup or are at any stage of their startup journey should attend the workshops. Also come listen to the pitch competition winners, who this time come from HK, China, India, Austria and Spain.

What are some of the standout events we should look out for?
Must-Sees at the show will be:

Showcases by AR/ VR Game Demos by Ubisoft and Ninebot will display and demo the latest in eVehicle technology

200 Starups from Austria, India, Spain, China, Taiwan, US, Singapore and HK all showcasing various iot products, connected devices, eVehicles, Health tech Devices, edu tech, AR / VR products and retail solutions

Conference: Future of Retail – SCM Innovation [19 April, 2019 – Hall 2 Asia World Expo, Hong Kong]
The conference will be talking about potentials in automating the complicated supply chain management, using tech innovations such as blockchain. Insights will be shared by industry’s top practitioners. Also, we will be discussing the investment outlook in the new retail sector.

Workshop: START. MAKE. SELL! Workshop Series for Startups [20 & 21 April, 2019 – Hall 2 Asia World Expo, Hong Kong]

The workshops are designed for early stage startups, entrepreneurs or anyone thinking about hardware projects. The workshop will guide the participant thru the right way to start their business in the greater bay area (finding right partners, incubation program and leveraging free trade zone advantages), tips and advises in prototyping and making the product, and finally how to validate, market and sell the product. Get your tickets here.

Awesome, sounds great – thanks for your time Minesh!

  • The Tradeshow is from 18-21 April 2019
  • Pitch competition 18th April 2019
  • Conference 19th April 2019
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