StartupsHK Poll: Which Hong Kong Co-Working Space is Delivering the Most Value?


In the past year, there’s been a lot of growth in the Hong Kong co-work space arena. While 80/80 Space and The Loft opened in Kowloon; Platform, Paperclip and Garage Society launched on the Hong Kong side – and that’s not including government-backed spaces such as Smart-Space at Cyberport or The Hive’s Kennedy Town and Sai Kung expansions.

In a recent interview that we did with The Hive’s founder Constant Tedder, we learned that a number of changes in new tech (such as mobile computing) and career choices (telecommuting and freelancing) are supporting the co-work space model. “As the corporate world changes itself, startups are having an impact on bigger companies and on people’s ambitions for their personal careers,” he said. “People are working independently because it suits the way they want to live – and co-working spaces support a big part of that.”

While there is certainly a supply of them, and trends are indicating that there is and will be a demand – are the spaces getting used?

To do a bit of sleuthing on this – we’ve put together a poll of all the co-working spaces in Hong Kong based on the 16 registered on Startbase.HK. Help us determine which space is delivering the most value.

Note from the editor: We’re aware this is a broad question as there are many deciding factors that go into choosing a co-work space – the answer we’re looking for is who you think offers the most OVERALL (location, network, perks, workshops etc.). Depending on the answers we get from this poll – we might create one that’s more category specific in the future.

The poll has closed – see below for results:

We received 1913 responses in the poll from the startup community in 17 Days. What we found most interesting about this exercise (which was a first attempt at getting a pulse on Hong Kong’s co-work space phenomenon) was that each co-work space took to social media in order to generate votes, and relied heavily on their respective communities to help them win.

Our own Casey Lau commented that the poll helped rally a sense of camaraderie among each co-work space community and sparked healthy competition – similar to the Hogwart’s Houses in Harry Potter. While we’re not saying who’s Gryffindor or Slytherin – here are the results from the poll.

Your top three choices were:

The Hive received 773 votes which was 40% in total
WYND received 617 votes which was 32% in total
Garage Society received 289 votes which was 15% in total

Geographical breakdown:


Full results:


Voter comments:

“The Hive delivers excellent space and the community is creative and friendly. Top choice for sure.”

“WYND provides a comfortable open space to meet new, like-minded entrepreneurs. Should definitely try their coffee machine and mingle with their intelligent receptionsts!”

“Garage Society helps my company strategically.”

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  1. Dim Sum Labs in Sheung Wan is HK$500/mo for 24/7 access.

    As a hackerspace it’s a lot less nicely decorated than any of the co-working spaces but arguably offers a lot more in terms of community, equipment, diversity, anarchy, and interesting stuff.

  2. Julien Chabe says:

    Instead of asking this (because unless you have been to all of them, how do you want people to tell you which one is the best) you rather ask people to rate from 1 to 5 a few variable of the coworking space where the people go to. Consequently you could rank coworking space and you would have data on what coworking space could do to improve… got it ?

    • Why The Loft is not there? There is no option to vote The Loft? In recent months, I and our teams have been visited various co-work space in HK. We found The Loft is delivery most values in terms of the pricing and facilities. We love their stylish design & modern environment, and of course we crazy about their sun terrace with 2000 square feet space, which allow to play, work & collaborate! I think we will join The Loft very soon after much comparison.

  3. Before my business started I found wynd co working space on scmp, and it turned out to be a perfect place for me to start my business (i run an interior design firm now in sheung wan) they had good services, and the ambience and vibe was really creative. I also took my clients to their conference rooms for meetings. If i ever had to start a business again, WYND would be a perfect place!