The Revolution Will Be Crowdfunded! The Startup Saturday: Crowdfunding 2014 Event Overview


On January 25, 2014, we played host to a sold out Startup Saturday Hong Kong with a very special spotlight on the local crowdfunding scene.

With just over capacity for 150 attendees, the intimate #SUSHK event was catalyst to great synergy between experienced gurus within the crowdfunding realm and those curious about how it works. Simon Chan, a corporate partner with Dorsey & Whitney (one of our sponsors), led the panels with a keynote on disrupting the traditional commercial behavior and legal environment here in Hong Kong. He noted that the crowdfunding community will need to band together in order to embrace this new phenomenon.

In case you missed it, here’s an overview of the dynamic and disruptive ideas that were shared by a symposium of panel speakers from three groups: crowdfunding on Kickstarter, hardware manufacturing in South China, and crowdfunding capital for startups.

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Crowdfunding 2014 Speaker Chris Place Shares Tips on JUMP’s Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Chris Place, senior product designer of
Native Union and panel speaker at this weekend’s Startup Saturday, knows how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Less than two weeks into their campaign, Native Union had already raised over 500% of their goal to fund JUMP – a novel, stylish and compact way of “jump-starting” your phone when it runs out of battery.

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Introducing Our Kickstarter Speakers for the Upcoming Startup Saturday Crowdfunding Hong Kong 2014

startupsHK copy 2

Did you know there are a lot of super-successful Kickstarter campaigns that originated from Hong Kong?

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter is a speedy way to harness the power of the crowd. By rallying the web troops to raise money for projects, crowdfunding is revolutionary because it brings a product to market quickly while giving consumers a sense of ownership. Ever since Kickstarter launched in 2009, anyone with an idea could create a campaign – and in just a month’s time, raise enough funds to breathe life into a dream product.

In our upcoming Startup Saturday Crowdfunding Hong Kong 2014 on January 25th, our first panel of speakers is made up of four entrepreneurs that have successfully funded their project via Kickstarter. In anticipation for the event, you should get to know Martin Kesseler of Phonejoy, Daniel Cowen of 3Doodler, Kevin Leung of Muku Labs Shuttr and Chris Place of Native Union.

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