StartupsHK Poll: Which Hong Kong Co-Working Space is Delivering the Most Value?


In the past year, there’s been a lot of growth in the Hong Kong co-work space arena. While 80/80 Space and The Loft opened in Kowloon; Platform, Paperclip and Garage Society launched on the Hong Kong side – and that’s not including government-backed spaces such as Smart-Space at Cyberport or The Hive’s Kennedy Town and Sai Kung expansions.

In a recent interview that we did with The Hive’s founder Constant Tedder, we learned that a number of changes in new tech (such as mobile computing) and career choices (telecommuting and freelancing) are supporting the co-work space model. “As the corporate world changes itself, startups are having an impact on bigger companies and on people’s ambitions for their personal careers,” he said. “People are working independently because it suits the way they want to live – and co-working spaces support a big part of that.”

While there is certainly a supply of them, and trends are indicating that there is and will be a demand – are the spaces getting used?

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The Hive’s Constant Tedder Announces Thailand Expansion and Talks About Co-Work Spaces in Hong Kong


The Hive has been busy expanding their co-work space empire. In the same month as their Kennedy Town expansion, The Hive opened up another location in Sai Kung – catering to the freelancer community.

After talking with founder Constant Tedder, we discovered that South East Asia is the latest on The Hive’s agenda – with Thailand as its first stop. “Bangkok should be opening on May the 20th, and my intention is to look into Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei and possibly Shanghai,” reveals Constant. “We want to create a network of co-working spaces across Asia where our members will travel to.”

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Constant Tedder’s The Hive Expands Co-Workspace Empire Into Kennedy Town

Yet another co-working space has arrived in Hong Kong. This time it’s a Kennedy Town version of Wan Chai’s
The Hive.

Just two years ago, founder Constant Tedder opened up The Hive’s doors to create a productive community for creative freelancers, photographers and startups. Building upon the success of their stylish, five-floored first location, they’re ready to take on the trendy and up-and-coming Kennedy Town neighbourhood.

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