Neighborhood Social Network ‘MyFlat.HK’ Rebrands As ‘Around’ As They Plot Global Expansion Plans

When launching your startup, you have customer acquisition, product development and fundraising on the brain and so branding often falls by the wayside. But as your startup begins to mature and you and your founders plot expansion plans, you start to realize the importance of marketing.

Just like enterprise tech startup Divide rebranded from Enterproid to serve a customer base outside of the Android realm, neighborhood social network MyFlat.HK also realized the need for a name change. While gleaning feedback during their initial growth stages, MyFlat.HK’s users were asking for wider coverage – and so they decided to change their name to ‘Around’ to reflect this broader need.

“After many user requests during our beta phase, we have decided to expand our scope and not only connect you with your real neighbors and the community you live in, but also connect you with the people and community in which you work and study. This way, we can serve the user almost 24/7, wherever they are,” said co-founder Matthew Tam.

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StartupsHK Presents ‘Startups of Future Past’ – a Stroll Down Hong Kong Startup Memory Lane on 12 November

Whether you were in Hong Kong when BootHK first arrived on the scene, or showed up and had over 20 to choose from – you’re still here to witness the rapid growth of our young and promising startup scene.

Which is why we’re celebrating 5 years of trials and tribulations with Hong Kong’s tech movers and shakers, the hottest startups of 2014 and pioneers that have been here from the very beginning. Our ‘Startups of Future Past’ event on Wednesday, November 12th will not only make some of our seasoned entrepreneurs nostalgic and but also treat newcomers to a little Hong Kong startup scene history.

In the morning panel, we’ll be taking a stroll down memory lane with six startup pioneers – so in anticipation of that chat, we asked them: “what was the biggest highlight for you in the past 5 years?”

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HK Got Talent: An Event Overview Featuring the Founders of Recently Exited Hong Kong Startups Divide and Cherrypicks

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.07.08 AM
Internet Society Hong Kong hosted ‘HK Got Talent’ yesterday – an evening of keynotes and panel discussion on the elements of building a successful startup.

As we celebrated almost back-to-back exits of home-grown startups Divide (sold to Google) and Cherrypicks (mobile business sold to NetDragon for HK $236.5 million), we can’t help but feel a sense of pride for our growing tech startup scene.

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