Allison Baum Talks About Her New Role As Fresco Capital Advisors’ Newest Managing Director

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Alongside the wisdom Hong Kong startup scene pioneers have to impart, those relatively new to the ecosystem also bring disruptive ideas and much needed expertise.

Take the tenacious Allison Baum for example. After singlehandedly bringing New York’s General Assembly to Hong Kong against all odds, she’s now working alongside Fresco Capital AdvisorsTytus Michalski as their new managing director.

“I had really poured my heart and soul into getting General Assembly started – it was like my baby so it was hard to step away. But in many ways, it became much bigger than me,” said Allison. “That’s the most satisfying thing I think – that you’ve created something that can live on without you.”
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It’s Time to Empower Hong Kong Entrepreneurs: Join the Startup MBA Bootcamp Program From 2-7 December


Simon Squibb, CEO of NEST, an investment incubator based in Hong Kong tells us about a new bootcamp he is putting together for the Hong Kong community:

Having been an angel investor for over 18 years, I have invested both time and money in a lot of entrepreneurs from all over the world, and have seen many startups come and go. At my start up incubator NEST, we invest both time and money in promising entrepreneurial talent.

To date, we have invested in at least 20 companies here but would like to double that number to 40 or even 50 in 2014.

To ensure this is possible, NEST has teamed up with General Assembly to create an intensive 5 Day Startup MBA Bootcamp. It is high time we empowered Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs with the skill-set that will enable them to succeed.

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The Success of the First H3 Has Everything to Do with the Huge Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem


The Joker once said “madness is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push,” and as we like to equate “madness” with “startups” – we decided to create H3.

Last week we held our first H3 event – something we’ve been planning for awhile but just never had the time to put together: put programmers, designers and product people into a room, mix with drinks and pizza and see what happens!

Any success that StartupsHK has had over the past few years, in terms of events and networking mixers, is really because of the amazing people that are inside the community. We feel extremely blessed to be part of this community and even from our Startup Saturday event in October to the H3 last week we know Hong Kong is going on the map because of YOU!

If you missed it, H3 is our new mixer event where if you are a hacker, hustler or hipster you can attend – and usually you are without a team – you are a designer looking to join a new startup, a hustler with a great idea or a hacker that is looking to put his/her talent into a new company – each one of these people are essential to the success of a startup and the point of H3 is to form new startups over the course of the evening with only color stickers to let you know what the other people specialize in.

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