5 Questions with Hugh Bell of Coco Color Stylus – a Coloring Stylus for Kids

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Hardware startups are popping up all over Hong Kong – and it’s easier when you have creative children around you all the time.

We chat with Hugh Bell a former a software developer that moved to Hong Kong in 2004 to startup a company designing, manufacturing and marketing Laserpod – and has 3 children, who are 8, 6 and 3 years and were all born in Hong Kong. His passion is color. Lots of it. And on tablet preferably.

What is your startup?

My startup is called Coco Color Company Limited. We have developed a new coloring stylus for kids called the coco color. It allows kids to color, doodle, sketch in apps on touch screen devices. The color you choose on the stylus is the color you use on the app. Just press a color button to choose the color you want to use. Each color button has many shades. To change style and size of stroke, just press a style button, from pencil to marker, crayon and paint. It’s a complete coloring set in one stylus.

Our vision is we love to color and we want to spread our vision to help budding artists from all over the world to develop their artistic skills. The coco color puts your kid in control of what they what to color, doodle or draw, when they want to do it.

The coco color is designed to be a friend of any color, doodle or art app out there. 3rd party app owners need only install our SDK and their users can use the coco color on their apps.

The coco color stylus is patent pending. It is also a platform for other uses. It’s a remote control for touch screen devices, a magic wand. This might sound paradoxical, but think of the fun we can have and how apps can be developed which can be controlled remotely. I see it as part of the evolution of how we can interact with apps going forward.

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Startup Founders: Vaughn Hew Wants to Know WhoGotStuff?


Coming from a family where moving is the norm, I can relate to co-founder Vaughn Hew’s  practical app of WhoGotStuff, a platform that allows people in Hong Kong to give away items that are no longer in need.

Whether it is something you want to give away or an item that you want to acquire without paying for, this app is a great way to share commodities amongst people you know. Overstuffed closets or cluttered pantries become a thing of the past, allowing urban users to broadcast their wares online without interacting with strangers. Instead of sifting through warehouses full of junk, free-cyclers can find that special gem in seconds, all from the comfortable atmosphere of their living room.

App users will be able to monitor who can see their posted items, stretching the web out to three degrees of separation. From books to sporting goods, baby carriages to cameras anything can be given away on WhoGotStuff. Renting and buying are also available options on the app.

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5 Questions with Sean Okihiro of Kobo Design


We always get requests from startups to find designers – well here we go: tech startup meet design startup: a match made in heaven.

Sean Okihiro, founder of Kobo Design here in Hong Kong has always been an independent type, doing his own thing and making stuff. He’s been a web developer, a designer, a wine salesman, even a professional sake brewer in Japan. All throughout his professional life he’s always wanted to try building his own business so one day he quit my job and did it; how hard could it be right?

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