Hong Kong Hardware Startup Launches Indiegogo Campaign for EzeeCube; an Auto-Syncing Media Hub

Back in January, we played host to a sold out Startup Saturday where many startups took notes on how to become a crowdfunding success story.

Ashok Jaiswal was one founder in attendance who wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for his hardware invention EzeeCube. After another half year of development (which has been 1.5 years in total), Ashok has just launched an Indiegogo campaign on Friday which has already raised over US $9,500 of its $75,000 goal in just three days.

Having also just closed a round of funding with James Giancotti of Bigcolors and Kyle Lam of Big Bloom (who has also invested in Snaptee), we had a chat with Ashok to learn more about his novel hardware product.

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Cab Ordering Service ‘Taxiwise’ Has Been Acquired By IKKY, a Likeminded Booking Platform

Taxiwise has been acquired by likeminded booking platform IKKY for an undisclosed sum.

As these two startups join forces, we can only expect our lives to be that much more efficient with this latest tech union.

While Taxiwise specifically focuses on helping expats and non-Cantonese speakers book cabs, IKKY lets its users book all daily activities and services such as dinner reservations, doctor’s appointments and yes – even taxi pick ups. Along with instant confirmation and social media sharing capabilities, the IKKY platform also lets you integrate booked activities into your calendar.
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Startup Roundtable of IBM’s Cloud Event 2014: What Are The Pros and Cons of Starting a Company in Hong Kong?

We’ve spoken to investors and veteran entrepreneurs alike and advice for first-time founders is unanimous: when building your business, you need to think globally. Thanks to innovations such as the internet, social networking and the Cloud – it has never been easier to grow and stay connected with your customers and collaborators.

On Monday’s IBM Cloud Event 2014, leaders within the investment, hardware, gaming, web, mobile, social and co-work space community came together in a Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. In an exciting nexus point for major startup scene players, the Roundtable was an opportunity for key IBM/SoftLayer execs to understand how they can help Hong Kong’s ecosystem.
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