We Are HK Founders: Eric Gnock Fah of Klook


Eric Gnock Fah is president & Co-Founder of Klook, the startup’s name stands up for “Keep looking”. The aim of the company is to make less tedious the part of travel planning and organizing an itinerary at the same time offering traveling deals of the place people are planning to visit. Klook was named in 2015 number one as “Best new apps” in Apple Store.

Eric is from Mauritius; he went to school in US and started his career in Hong Kong in investment banking. He speaks 7 languages that he picked up along the way in his life.

In your own words what does your startup do?

Klook helps travelers plan and book activities, tours and local transfers online and on the go.

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We Are HK Founders Panel and Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Leaders at the RISE Breakthrough Stage


RISE is a global conference that takes place in Hong Kong, with hundreds of investors and startups with eyes on the Asian market flying in to learn more, network more and invest more.

Only 1/5th of attendees and exhibitors are from Hong Kong, so this year we wanted to make sure that at this year’s event we made sure everyone knows about the power of the Hong Kong ecosystem with our fresh new campaign We Are HK Founders!

RISE were kind enough to set aside a stage for us to program introductions to the leaders in the startup community in Hong Kong and that is what the BREAKTHROUGH stage is all about.

You can check the schedule at RISEconf.com for the breakdown on June 2 (click on BREAKTHROUGH on the left menu) but one of the highlight panels will be the StartupsHK/KPMG We Are HK Founders talk with 6 of our most game changing founders based in Hong Kong.

The point of this is to show off the amazingly diverse founders that call Hong Kong their home and their base of operations for their startups and learn about the challenges on setting up here and what their plans are for conquering the world from this amazing city we call home.

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Keep Looking at Klook

Homepage & App

In 2008, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk founded Airbnb, today the startup is valued at over 10 billion USD and has disrupted the traditional travel industry in a major way and currently offer more rooms than several large hotel groups in the world. In the past few years, many others have sought to disrupt the travel industry with their start-ups too. These start-ups have brought a wider variety of choices, prices and experiences to consumers and one of the most recent ones is Klook Travel. A Hong Kong based start-up announced earlier this week that it has completed a US$1.5 million seed investment round, mainly led by Mainland China tech veteran, Xiaoguang Wu (Tencent’s Senior Executive Vice President and CEO of E-Commerce) earlier in February 2015.

According to the co-founder of Klook, Eric Gnock Fah, the company, which name stands for ‘Keep Looking’, is a one-stop-shop for travelers to explore and book a curated selection of fun-things-to-do from a skip-the-queue Hong Kong Disneyland ticket to underwater shipwreck diving adventures in Bali. The company aims to “revolutionize the lengthy, tedious process of itinerary planning into an efficient, hassle-free experience while offering exclusive deals up to 50% off and ensuring all travel picks are carefully verified”.

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