SaaStock Lands in Hong Kong May 14-15 to Showcase Software-as-a-Service Startups

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With SaaS eating the world its time to make sure you know what the market opportunities are and how, if you’re a SaaS startup, to up your game.

SaaStock is a huge European conference that is kicking off their first Asia conference right here in Hong Kong – and so we wanted to make sure you all knew about it and had a chance to get involved.

We sat down with founder and CEO Alex Theuma to get a little more insight into his conference and why you should go.

Hi Alex, tell us about about yourself:

Hi StartupsHK, I’m the Founder and CEO of SaaStock. In 2015, while working in SaaS sales, I decided to start a blog and podcast that would help SaaS founders and execs to grow their businesses. I began by interviewing key influencers in the SaaS space, hosting SaaS meetups, and building relationships that would later be crucial when he launched the first SaaStock conference in Dublin in 2016.

What is SaaStock?

SaaStock is a global community of SaaS founders, execs, and investors. Now in its fourth year, our flagship conference is the largest SaaS gathering in Europe with 4,000 attendees over 3 days. In May 2019 we are bringing this experience to Hong Kong with the first edition of SaaStock Asia.

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Investing in SaaS Ventures (Part 5): The 5 Cs of SaaS Finance | Venture Hype

Investing in SaaS Ventures (Part 5): The 5 Cs of SaaS Finance

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water paint c 200x200 Investing in SaaS Ventures (Part 5): The 5 Cs of SaaS FinanceThis is the final installment of our series on Investing in SaaS Ventures. Which was born from a question and suggestion from a dear reader, Taliba M.

Taliba is a new angel investor who’s ready to make her second investment. She wants to place a bet on a SaaS startup but feels that she can’t make an informed decision due to her lack of experience with SaaS ventures. She wants to know what we think and we gave her our thoughts in Effective Ways to Invest in the Unknown.

Below is the rest of the series:

* This series isn’t investment advice and it’s by no means a comprehensive guide to SaaS. Read Effective Ways to Invest in the Unknown for the purpose of this series, which is purely informational.

This is the last article in the SaaS investment series (see the others in the linkage quoted above). This one covers what is probably the most base metrics that a SaaS company should know. I for one am looking forward to being able to quote these as something other than 0.