Startup Founders: Vaughn Hew Wants to Know WhoGotStuff?


Coming from a family where moving is the norm, I can relate to co-founder Vaughn Hew’s  practical app of WhoGotStuff, a platform that allows people in Hong Kong to give away items that are no longer in need.

Whether it is something you want to give away or an item that you want to acquire without paying for, this app is a great way to share commodities amongst people you know. Overstuffed closets or cluttered pantries become a thing of the past, allowing urban users to broadcast their wares online without interacting with strangers. Instead of sifting through warehouses full of junk, free-cyclers can find that special gem in seconds, all from the comfortable atmosphere of their living room.

App users will be able to monitor who can see their posted items, stretching the web out to three degrees of separation. From books to sporting goods, baby carriages to cameras anything can be given away on WhoGotStuff. Renting and buying are also available options on the app.

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