Introducing WHub.HK: A New Platform Connecting Hong Kong Startups With Talent


WHub.HK, Hong Kong’s newest startup resource that connects talent with startups and entrepreneurs with co-founders, launched on Friday.

As a profile-driven platform that showcases the team behind the startup, WHub lets startups share their company mission, products and current job openings. While startups can’t always offer the most attractive of compensation packages, they can provide perks such as flexibility, great work hours and the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.


We had a chat with Karen Farzam, a former trader turned entrepreneur to learn more about her first startup and how it will bring value to the community.

“When I started going out to startup events, I found that entrepreneurs are very passionate people. It’s so engaging and you really want to work with them and share their project and mission,” she said. “If you could find a way to focus not only on their product but on the people behind the team, you might be motivated to work with them.”


As one of the organisers behind Women Who Code Hong Kong, Karen has seen firsthand the power of a tightknit community, and wants to create a digital support system where startup people can connect for idea share and employment. “Startups don’t have a lot of time, so they want to hire somebody that they share the passion with – the most important thing is the community,” she said.

Having already added profiles for nine startups and posted two jobs, WHub is looking to add to its community. Sign up here!

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Karen Farzam on Startbase.HK: Karen Farzam

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